Sunday 28 March 2021

Still Searching for the Perfect Black Trousers

Well it's Spring, if only by the calendar and not by the weather (it's chucking it down out there today and is not very warm). That means I am thinking about getting my ankles out at some point in the near future. I am forever looking for classic trousers, with a pair of black slim cigarette style pants being top of the list. I buy several pairs a year and rarely keep any, they generally get sent straight back.

Today I have a comparison for you between two pairs of black high waisted trousers. I do need to point out that these photos were taken...last August. I know, I know. A lot happened, and it's only now that I am feeling in the mood to do a bit of a shopping post.

I tried the Wing pants by Freddies of Pinewood, and the Retro 50s capri pants by Pretty Retro. Here's how I got on.

Firstly let's have a look at the Wing pants from Freddies of Pinewood (£60). The fabric is gorgeous, it feels far more expensive than the trousers cost. There are belt loops, pockets, and they just feel well designed. The waist was nicely fitted, and then there's a lot of room in the bum and hips. Very comfy actually, but I wasn't sure they were the most flattering on me. That didn't matter in the end, as there was another issue. The hem of these trousers hit my legs slightly higher than intended, which meant that when rolling up the winged cuff, it was actually quite tight and uncomfortable on my calves because of the thickness of the fabric. I realised that I am perhaps too tall at 5'9" for these trousers. Alas, I had to send them back.

Above and below: Freddies' Wing Pants

Next up, the 50s capri pants by Pretty Retro (£42). The fabric is a light bengaline type fabric, with plenty of stretch. No belt loops, no pockets, just a very streamlined trouser. I have to say that these fit like a second skin in my usual size. I loved the fit, they were flattering, but in a slightly breathe-in kind of way. These are the kind of trousers I would wear if I was going out, but as I go nowhere, these didn't really fit the bill of a comfy casual pair. I wasn't sure whether to get a pair in the next size up, but the thing with very stretchy trousers is that if they are not properly stretched, they can look a bit deflated and sad. So, I sent these back too.

Above and below: Pretty Retro capris

There you go anyway, I hope that is helpful to someone, somewhere. Here's hoping that it's ankle-baring weather sometime soon.


  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it's ankle-baring, and leg-baring weather, very soon. I don't wear trousers very often, but have always found it hard to find perfectly fitting pairs without any issues. I hope the perfect one comes your way one day soon. xxx

  2. Why are trousers so hard to fit!?!? That's one of the reasons why I mainly wear skirts. I hope you can find the perfect pair soon!


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