Sunday 28 March 2021

Still Searching for the Perfect Black Trousers

Well it's Spring, if only by the calendar and not by the weather (it's chucking it down out there today and is not very warm). That means I am thinking about getting my ankles out at some point in the near future. I am forever looking for classic trousers, with a pair of black slim cigarette style pants being top of the list. I buy several pairs a year and rarely keep any, they generally get sent straight back.

Today I have a comparison for you between two pairs of black high waisted trousers. I do need to point out that these photos were taken...last August. I know, I know. A lot happened, and it's only now that I am feeling in the mood to do a bit of a shopping post.

I tried the Wing pants by Freddies of Pinewood, and the Retro 50s capri pants by Pretty Retro. Here's how I got on.

Saturday 13 February 2021

Is Winter Nearly Over Yet?

Hello there from my little corner of the world. I hope this finds you well. Myself and my little family are all doing okay. Living quietly; which is what I need after last year. There really isn't much to report. We don't go anywhere or do anything. I roam the hillsides. I watch the birds in our garden. I am back at work, so my priorities have shifted. The precious little time I have that isn't working (from home), or caring for my one year old, is generally spent being restful or doing restorative things like yoga. 8pm is an acceptable bedtime.

Monday 11 May 2020

Backyard Birthday

This time last year I'd just returned from a long weekend in Devon with Chris to celebrate my 40th birthday, including a stay at the utterly fabulous Burgh Island Hotel. This year's celebration of turning 41 years old on Friday couldn't have been more different! A birthday in lockdown, in our back garden. And it was just right.

After my favourite breakfast - smoked salmon in scrambled eggs - we had a walk in our local forest again. No buzzard vs crow combat on this occasion, but we did hear a rather exuberant cuckoo. It's an area that's very quiet, with usually us encountering only a couple of other people on our hour's loop. You would think that being on top of a mountain with the horizon stretching out infinitely that this would make it easy to keep well over 2 metres away. We were astounded then, when at a fork in the track, an older couple coming from the other direction seemed intent on walking straight towards us, until Chris spoke to them. Honestly, some people seem oblivious!

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